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See what other people are saying about our Wilshire Place apartments! At Wilshire Place Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I have nothing but great things to say about Wiltshire and their staff! I have now moved out because of issues with my last roommate! But my last month their I was very nervous about rent being taken care of, because my roommate left me to hang high and dry to pay the full rent. Will shire office staff helped me come up with a resolution to deal with my rent and they were very understanding to my situation and helped me figure out the cheapest option to deal with my rent! I was so happy with the ending result! I have referred so many of my friends to this complex and they all are very happy with their apartments!


I just moved in and paid $15 for a parking stall. It was worth every penny because parking does get a little hectic sometimes. Also I put a work order in and maintenance fixed the issue that same day. Maintenance and the office staff are incredible, they care about the tenants. I had someone park behind my spot and blocked me in. A tow truck came within 30 minutes and moved the car. Wilshire is a great place to live and I will recommend it to everybody.


DISCLOSURE: I was merely a prospective resident, I decided against leasing here due to the overwhelming proportion of negative reviews. My wife and I are selling our house and in need of an apartment for about six or so months before relocating out of state. We stopped in on Monday, February 22, 2016 as Wilshire is very near our son's school and wanted to maintain a degree of normalcy for him until we depart Utah. Dixie at the Wilshire office was very pleasant and showed us a beautiful 2-bedroom model. Upon entering the model, my wife and I knew the floor plan was exactly what we had been looking for (this was the fourth or fifth complex we had looked at to this point). We were both quite excited that seemingly our search was over. We prepared applications and intended on delivering the following day the $60 for application fees ($30 ea) along with $199 fee to hold the unit we wanted. Wanting to ensure we made the right choice and there were no hidden issues, I perused these reviews on Google and became rather concerned that we may be in store for issues we would rather not subject ourselves to. There were some negative posts that did not concern us. Primarily any posts having to do with dogs and noise complaints where the poster was the subject of complaints. There were a number of complaints that were thematic such as, inconsistent application of fees, incorrect calculations, failure to record payments, overflowing trash receptacles, poor parking accommodations, and probably most often were complaints about the seemingly arbitrary nature of calculating how much of one's deposit that should be returned. I expect it to take some getting used to returning to apartment life after so many years of being a homeowner but the last thing I want is to subject myself to what appears to be the potential for unneeded discord. One might say that the problems of others should not necessarily be our own; I for one find it easier to look elsewhere than to find out for myself. **UPDATE** CREDIT GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS EARNED: I have updated the initial 3 of 5 stars I gave to now 4 of 5 stars based on the rapid response from the owner or owner's representative. I profess that I am impressed that they would pay such close attention to these reviews that a response is nearly immediate. I might have given Wilshire Place another shot had I already not found another place. Because the owner/owner's representative appears to be legitimately concerned about the reviews I would encourage anyone who might find themselves with the same concerns that I had to discuss these concerns with management. Had I done so I may have been satisfied and decided to give them a shot. Thank you Wilshire Place.


They are very nice and new! The views are so pretty with the mountains and the city- Looking through the reviews, everyone who has a neg. review, I have no idea what you're talking about. The new management has really taken care of everyone and made sure the area is really nice! They now have a lawn crew who comes out about once or twice a week to pick up any leftover pet poop and also to mow the lawn. Everyone is super friendly :)


Everybody likes to whine...if you're paying for an apartment, expect to occasionally hear your neighbors and have something break. But the maintenance staff is awesome and get right on it. Office staff is friendly and the apartments are nicer than anything else in west Jordan.



I absolutely love it here! The property is under new management, and the staff is so nice. The maintenance guys are super quick when you have a problem and super friendly. I love how there is a media package included already, makes my life easier. Only thing I would say that's inconvenient is the wind, but hey that's weather.


Living in one the townhouses and really like it. Great place if you have kids as there are two separate parks in the center of the complex. Also a swimming pool and work out room with tv. Comes set.up with tv, internet

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